OM-CA169 wired intra oral camera

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    OM-CA169 wired intra oral camera

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    1. 1/4 SONY CCD high resolution intra oral camera
    2. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus.
    3. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED
    4. The Front Five control buttons: freeze, save, previous image, next image, delete, and the reverse side control buttons: freeze and save
    5., Innovative Design , it can be displayed one images, four small images, and nine small images, two kinds of capture angles, display the clear images
    6. Optional 2.5inch LCD screen let dentists take pictures more convenient
    7. It can save 9999 pcs pictures in USB flash disk.
    8.WIFI,Video ,USB2.0 and VGA output functions.
    9. It can record the video by the remote control, size of memory according the U disk, the picture and the video can be save to USB flash disk permanent.
    10. Suitable for NTSC /PAL
    11. Optional WI-FI device can transmit the camera’s images to mobile phone, Tablet PC and computer at the same time.
    Standard configuration
    1.Camera 1 pcs
    2.Docking station 1 pcs
    3.8P camera cable 1 pcs
    4.Disk 1 pcs
    5.Camera sleeves 50 pcs
    6.USB+AV+VGA cable Each 1 pcs
    7.DC-12V adaptor 1 pcs
    8.M-888 Remote control 1 pcs
    Optional configuration
    1 USB flash disk(Optional) 1 pcs
    2 Hand piece Holder(Optional) 1 pcs
    3 WIFI device(Optional) 1 pcs
    4 M-99 LCD(Optional) 1 pcs

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